Alberta Association of Artist-Run Centres



Alberta Association of Artist-Run Centres

Alberta Association of Artist-Run Centres (AAARC) is a syndicate comprised of eleven Alberta-based artist-run centres. Artist-run centres (ARCs) are art organizations that vary in specific mission, mandate and vision, but broadly, as smaller not-for-profit organizations, ARCs support artists and the creation of contemporary art. For decades, and continuing today, ARCs have been locales within which artistic ingenuity and creative production are fostered.

AAARC facilitates advocacy, networking, and development for ARCs in the Alberta region. AAARC is part of the regional caucus of ARCA (Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference / La Conférence des collectifs et des centres d’artistes autogérés), an organization that represents and advocates for Canadian artist-run organizations on national and international levels.

AAARC is a non-profit society that seeks to:
• Provide a communication network for artist-run culture throughout Alberta
• Promote the recognition and continued development of artist-run culture
• Strengthen and provide stability for member organizations
• Support the continued professionalism of artist-run centres
• Promote the activities of member organizations through shared initiatives, outreach and education at a variety of levels
• Advance non-discriminatory practices, and to facilitate inclusive and collaborative dialogues
• Support equality regardless of gender, orientation, ethnic, racial and national identity, or generational group
• Represent the collective interests of member organizations to external agencies, including all levels of government, funding bodies and advocacy organizations

Image: Emily Promise Allison, Dream Sequence, Untitled Art Society. Photo: Elyse Bouvier